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It is important to defer judgment of any proposed solution in the beginning of the design process.  All such ideas or contributing concepts should be gathered along with support material, no matter how arcane or seemingly insignificant.  Such gathering creates a context within which a hierarchy of priorities serves to distill the optimal solution.

Artful solutions may be derived spontaneously or driven by systematic application of organizing principles.  We are very aware that the design problems that we encounter that are seemingly the most encumbered by practical constraints can and will yield a solution that can have particular design merit, be innovative and original in ways that are not achieved with a clean slate.

We enjoy this challenge.  We have seen that principled processes can bring about beneficial consequences in areas or in ways that are unanticipated.  Design serendipity occurs with the play of light, an unexpected view or a sense of space that is utterly surprising and delightful.

Such quality is never taken for granted and provides the designer with a depth of experience and confidence to innovate.

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